Junkyard Rods – work in progress

Hoping to give you some ideas on creating illustrations… This is how I work when I create an illustration in Paint Shop Pro and sometimes Painter…

Tools I will be using:

Google Sketchup (free version)
Vue Pro Studio 7.0 (or Bryce can also be used)
Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultimate
Topaz Adjust Filter for PSPP
Painter IX.5 (possibly)

Using the FREE but very capable 3D modeler Wings3D (http://www.wings3d.com) I quickly model what I envision a junkyard garage to be… My modeling is very rough as I will not be texturing this model in a 3D environment. But rather I will be painting over and applying textures to the 3D render in Paint Shop Pro…

Screen captures of the rough model within Wings3D

I saved the model in Wings3D and exported it as an obj model. Imported the model into Vue Pro Studio 7.0. I selected a basic sky and terrain and rendered this image…

Pretty bland eh? 😀

The render was saved as a bmp 6000×3750

Now the fun begins. I bring the render into PSPP and start applying textures I’ve either shot myself with my digital camera or found on the web fromfree stock sites like http://www.sxc.hu

I’m looking through my texture collection for what I deem to be appropriate textures. Using various blending modes (overlay, multiply, hard light, etc) I place and scale the textures over the garage shack… What a dump eh? 😀 😀 😀

I’m now finishing the textures for the building and now finding photos of doors and windows which are then cut out of the original photo and pasted into PSPP as a new layer and appropriate blending mode…

Using Google Sketchup I locate some free 3D models of junked cars.These models are brought into Vue and rendered along with an alpha mask…


Alpha mask

The above cars and alpha mask are composited into Shack Garage render…

Next I apply rust, dirt, grunge textures over the cars…

I’ve now added some more 3D & photo elements (gas pump, more textures) and did some free hand painting (fence, steps, shadows under hot rod, hot rod’s interior)….

I also ran the image through Topaz Adjust 2.6 PSPP plugin…

I must have close to 20 hours so far into this image and not yet finished…

Just wanted to share some techniques I use and hoping for some suggestions on my image…

Thanks to all who replied…. I appreciate your input and comments….

I’ve tried to fix the shadow problem TattooBob at Paint Shop Pro Photo forum (


  1. H.A Matheson said,

    February 23, 2009 at 8:28 pm


    Very impressive. I have veiwed your flickr page as well and have been inspired enouph to try it myself. Question: Which software do you recommend I start with?

    H.A Matheson

  2. kenmojr said,

    February 23, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    I would recommend Wings3D for modeling. It’s free and easy to use but you maybe confused at first…


    And Bryce. Version 5.5 is free and if you upgrade to ver 6.0 you get a discount….


    Then use your image editing software of choice (Photoshop, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, etc)


  3. H.A Matheson said,

    February 23, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    I’ll give it a try.

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