New images….

A couple of new images I just created….

Killer of the Seas
Sky, boat, moon and waves were rendered in Vue Pro Studio ver 7. Boat is a stock Vue model…Initially I was going to render this at 3200×2000 but on my AMD X2 4200 with 3 gigs of ram I was told it was going to take 62 hours..!!! So I rendered at 800×500 then enlarged to 3200×2000 in Paint Shop Pro …

Killer of the Seas

The Sentinel
Created in Corel Painter IX.5 with some touchup in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate…

Crows are free stock photo items from Foreground crow was composited in Painter IX.5 using various photos elements from stock photos and previously used in my Crows & Chevys image…

The Sentinel

Crows & Chevys – Vue Pro Studio 7, Painter IX.5 & Paint Shop Pro X2

Just playing around with Vue Pro Studio 7, Corel Painter IX.5, Corel Paint Shop Pro Phot X2 Ultimate & free 3D models from Google Sketchup….

Crows & Chevys

The image has been uploaded to my online gallery….

Junkyard Rods is completed….

I’ve completed my image Junkyard Rods…

Junkyard Rods

and have posted it to my on-line gallery…