Goofy Goblin and Ancient Astronaut

Two new digital paintings I’ve created with Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 and Corel Painter IX.5….

Goofy Goblin
Goofy Goblin

Ancient Astronaut
Ancient Astronaut



I imagined an alternative reality world where explorers like Columbus journey to the new world not in sea going ships but ships of the air…

I created the image in Corel Painter IX.5.

I used this free stock photo for the waterfall
Using Painter’s cloning brushes, it was painted into a blank canvas…

The water, birds, distant trees & terrain were hand painted by me in Painter…

The airship I modeled in Hexagon 2.5 and Wings3D. The base mesh was brought into Vue Pro Studio and rendered untextured….

Using Paint Shop Pro X2 Ulitmate I merged the airship into waterfall painting… I then painted over the airship in Painter…

I later added the two distant airships using the same techique as on the nearer airship…

A larger version of Arrival can be seen at this link…

The Traveler

The Traveler

The snail was modeled as a very basic 3D mesh in Curvy 3D 1.5 which I rendered untextured & with no terrain in Vue Pro Studio…

I then brought the render into Corel Painter IX.5 where I painted over the render. The rider is hand drawn by me in Painter using an reference image… The terrain and plants are also all hand drawn by me in Painter…. The dragonfly was clone painted in Painter from a free stock photo from Stock.Xchng

A larger version of The Traveler can be seen here