Traditional Hot Rod

Salt Flat’s Racer inspired Hot Rod


An illustation I did of a vintage hot rod based upon a Salt Flat’s Racer….. Sketched and painted in ArtRage Studio Pro 3 ….

Forest Dragon

Created with ArtRage Studio Pro ver 3.0….

Forest Dragon

Drive in the Country

Drive in the Country

Created in ArtRage Pro Studio 3 with a little help from Corel Paint Shop Pro X2…

Larger version here :

More Fun With ArtRage ver 3.0….

Just upgraded from ArtRage Studio 3 to ArtRage Pro Studio 3 and created these two images…

The Cab Driver
Created 90% in ArtRage 3.0 with a little help from Painter IX.5 blender tools…
The Cab Driver

Hot Rod Jalopy
Hot Rod Jalopy
Initial sketch was done in ArtRage and then colored in Corel Paint Shop Pro IX.5

ArtRage is simply one of the most intuitive 2D tools I’ve tried so far…