Mother of a Tucker

1948 Tucker – hot rod style…..

Digitally drawn on my computer using a Watcom Intous tablet & ArtRage Studio Pro ver 3.53… A texture was added to the ground using a free stock photo and Photoshop Elements ver 9.0… Everything else is 100% ArtRage…


A larger version can be seen here….



Created digitally with my Wacom Intous and ArtRage Studio Pro…..

I created this for the September art contest on the Hot Rodders Bulletin Board and for the weekly art show on….



Junkyard Rods 2011

This is a revisit of an earlier Junkyard Rods image. The earlier image was mostly photo manipulation and some 3D elements…This time I completely re-created the image using ArtRage Studio Pro 3.52 for everything except for the “Junkyard Rods” sign on the garage, for which I used Photoshop Elements ver 9.0…

I had a lot of fun doing this in ArtRage…


Salt Shaker

The image was created using Cornucopia’s Hot Rod Set, Vue Complete ver 9.0 and ArtRage Studio Pro ver 3.52….