Green Goof


Sketched the old way with pencil and paper. Scanned into ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5 where it was inked over and colored…

The Traveller


Digitally drawn using Cuvy3d, Painter IX.5, ArtRage 3.5 & Photoshop Elements 10 (using a demo)….



100% digitally sketched and painted in ArtRage Studio Pro ver 3.5 with my Wacom Intous tablet. Slight color adjustment was done in Photoshop Elements ver 10

Desert Blast


A 1960’s gaser style ’61 Corvette blasts down a desert highway….

Digitally created using my Wacon Tablet, Vue Complete ver 9, ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5 & Photoshop Elements 10 (demo version)…

The scene is comprised of Cornucopia3D’s Route 66 & Joshua Tree products. The Corvette I constructed via kit bashing a free Corvette model from Google Warehouse, a Google Warehouse Hemi engine and the Hot Rod Kit from Cornucopia3D. The driver is also a free model from Google Warehouse who I detailed via painting with ArtRager….