Free 3D software

Here’s a link to some free 3D software that sounds promising. I’ve not had a chance to play with it yet but hope to in the near future….

CharacterFX – is an oldschool but powerful bone animation app…

3DRad – free game making software is based on Directx



Sky car


I modelled the 100% of the Skycar using a fantastic piece of boolean modelling software called Groboto. Check my link below for Groboto.
It’s inexpensive and worth every penny but does have a bit of a learning curve…

Only the six hood stacks where not modelled in Groboto, for that task I used Wings3D which is a free 3D modelling app…

The model was textured and rendered in e-onsoftware’s Vue, using an HDRI photo as the background…


1910 Franklin

This beauty and very rare car appeared at one of our local car shows last summer. The Franklin used an air cooled engine which was quite rare & unique in the early 1900’s…


Stephen King’s Home

Stephen King's Home

Photo taken from a recent trip to Bangor in early October