Modeling a hot rod tutorial

Came across this link and wanted to share….

Modeling a hot rod


Country Chase


A 1957 Dodge Lancer police cruiser chases a young hot rodder through the country side in the late 1950’s. A wilderness hare is startled by the noise and watches carefully before journeying onto the asphalt…

Rendered in Vue Complete ver 11 with postwork in ArtRage 4.0 and Photoshop Elements 10… Car models are free items from Google Warehouse. Animals are from DAZ3D, the drive was sketched in ArtRage. Barn and windmill are from Cornucopia3D. I modeled the farmhouse and road in Hexagon3D and Wings3D…

How to create hot rod flames

A cool video tutorial on Deviantart on how to create hot rod flames….

The video has some background noise or interference but it is well worth the watch…

Country Cruise


A 3D render in Vue Complete 11 was reworked in Corel Essentials 4.0 and ArtRage 4.0 with some minor texturing and color correction in Photoshop Elements 10…