Surfer’s Paradise


I modeled the truck in Hexagon 2.5. The tiki head is from DAZ3D and the surfboard from Cornucopia3D. Starfish and seashell are Vue items. The gulls, birds and seafoam were painted in using ArtRage 4.0. The background mound was modeled in Vue using primitives and metablobs. Rendered in Vue Complete 2014.

Color correction was done using Photoshop Elements ver 11 and Topaz Adjust ver 5.0…

3D model I made, inspired by a 1950’s Panel Truck

I modeled the following panel truck hot rod in Hexagon3D version 2.5. Hex is still a little buggy as there has not been any updates to this software in a few years. But it is still my favorite 3D modeling app…1950's Panel Truck

It is powered by a blown flat head V8 which was also modeled in Hexagon3D ver 2.5…