Journey from Desperation to Hope


Journey from Desperation to Hope – inspired by the era of the Great Depression in North America and John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”.. A time when many able bodied people fled the farms and rural country homes to seek employment and prosperity in the urban centers of the USA and Canada… Some found prosperity however most encountered disillusionment…

Drawn digitally by hand using Artrage 4.0 and my trusty Wacom Intuos tablet. Color correction using Photoshop Elements and Topaz Adjust plugin. No 3D was used in this image.

3D models I created for Cafe by the Sea

Here are the 3D models I created to use in the Cafe by the Sea illustration. All were modeled in Hexagon3D except for the arch on which I used Groboto3D.




Cafe by the Sea….

Mediterranean of my mind, a place where the seekers, dreamers, lovers and loners converge and spend idle time dreaming of their past sins or thinking about future accomplishments….

A digital illustration based on a 3D render and some digital painting techniques. Software used Vue Complete 2014, DAZ3D Studio, Photoshop Elements 11, ArtRage 4…CafeBytheSea

Steam Plant Engine

I recently textured the steam plant engine using 3DCoat, UVMapper Classic & Photoshop Elements ver 11.pic01



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