Gunship 3D model

A heavy artillery spaceship. I designed the spaceship and modeled in various 3D modeling apps (Groboto3D, Hexaton3D, Wings3D, Silo3D and textured in 3DCoat.
With processing in Adobe Photoshop 2017 and Corel Painter 2017 to give the image a comic book type of illustration.


Image is available as print, poster, framed wall image and various other products at my FineArtAmerica gallery


Hot Rod Sedan

This is my interpretation of a typical American hot rod. Hot rods originated in southern California when returning WWII soldiers wanted to create an American equivalent of the light and nimble sports cars of Europe (MGs, Alfa Romeos, etc). Suped up engines mostly V8s were swapped in place of the original motors. To help improve performance body parts were often removed. Fenders, bumpers, hoods, running boards were often shed to increase the horsepower to weight ratio of the vehicle.

In this image I used a late 1920s, early 1930s sedan body as the basis for the car. Powered by a early model Ford flathead V8 which
is supercharged with three carburetors. The roof of the sedan has been chopped to reduce it’s height.

I created the car from scratch using 3D modeling apps. The bulk of the modeling was done in Hexagon 3D and Silo 3D. For UV mapping I used 3DCoat. Textures were created in Photoshop and applied in Vue Complete 2015, where the scene was  rendered.



And a NPR render in Vue Complete 2015, I masked out the background from the render and substituted a paper texture in Photoshop…


Love 3DCoat 4.5 and Vue Complete 2015 is the best Vue EVER…..

Available as a print at Fine Art America

Steam Plant Engine

I recently textured the steam plant engine using 3DCoat, UVMapper Classic & Photoshop Elements ver 11.pic01



Visit my online gallery of art & photos….
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Steam Plant Engine

I modeled this “steam plant engine” using 3D apps Hexagon3D ver 2.5 & Groboto3D ver 3.0…Steam Plant Engine

Hillbilly Hauler


Larger version here….

A hot rodder takes his rat rod pickup truck for a country side cruise but a wandering deer catches his eye causing him to wonder to the wrong side of the road…

The truck cab & pickup bed were downloaded from Scratch Made Cars, they are modeled by member Zachary, the turbo diesel engine from Google Warehouse. The frame, grille, headlights and wheels were modeled by me using Hexagon3D & Groboto. I textured the truck in 3DCoat. The deer is from DAZ. The scene was rendered in Vue Complete ver 11 with post work in ArtRage 4.0, Photoshop Elements 10 & Topaz Adjust…

Pain Merchant – new free model

Pain Merchant
Another FREE model I created using Groboto & textured in 3DCoat & Photoshop… Sticking with my science fiction theme…

Model can be downloaded from SHARECG.COM – direct link to model

Retro Rocketship Update

My Retro Rocketship is now available for FREE at SHARECG.COM…Download, create some art & enjoy….

Celtic Morning


I modelled the Celtic house in Hexagon and textured in 3DCoat 3.5. The scene was rendered in Vue Complete 9.5. The distant castle is a free item from Google Sketchup. The render was further touched up in ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5 where I painted the crows, some of the plants, the trees and painted some details…

A larger version of Celtic Morning can be see here…

Larger version here :