WIP – 1929 Ford model A business coupe

Work in progress – Sketching from various photo references found on the web, a 1929 Ford Model A business coupe to be used in a Christmas illustration I’m working on… No 3D used in this sketch of the ’29 Ford… All done in Artrage using my Wacom Intuos tablet….


Late Visit to Grandma’s

Late evening on Christmas Eve a young boy and his companion deliver the family gifts for his grandparents.

His cousins already at grandmother’s show grandpa the snowman they created.

In the distance the locals gather at the church for an evening of Christmas Eve mass…

Late Visit to Grandma's

Rendered in Vue Complete 2014 which is a pure joy to use. The boy and dog were posed in DAZ Studio Pro and exported to Vue. I modeled the bridge and road in Hexagon 2.5. The buildings are from Google Warehouse. The red cardinal is a freebie from Lyne’s Creations. All distant people are Chipp Walter’s meta peps. Cars are from Cornucopia3D and Google Warehouse.

A print or poster of this image is available at Redbubble

Land of the Red Fox


Created using e-onsoftware’s Vue Complete ver 10 with some touch up using Photoshop Elements ver 10.

The red fox model was purchased at

The eagle is also from 9mbi

The hare model is from DAZ3D

Color corrections was done using Photoshop Elements 10 and the Topaz Adjust filter ver 5.0….

Christmas Day at Moose Lake


Oh God, how I miss Mom….

I created this using Daz Studio 4, Vue Complete 10 & ArtRage Studio Pro with some color correction in Photoshop Elements ver 10….

Happy New Year everyone….

The Protector

I started this digital painting before Mom’s passing and I just got up enough nerve and energy last weekend to complete it….

I call it The Protector….

Software used Daz Studio ver 4, Vue Complete ver 10, ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5 with color correction using Photoshop Elements ver 10…The_Protector

Santa’s New Sleigh


The sleigh is a 3D model I created in Sketchup, the landscape is also 3D and I created it in Vue Complete ver 9, the trees, deer & Santa were digitally painted in ArtRage Studio Pro ver 3. Final image was also composited in ArtRage with some color correction and resizing done in Photoshop Elements 9 & Topaz Adjust ver 4 (Photoshop plugin)…

Merry Christmas!!!!


More Christmas Images…

The Carolers…

Created using Corel Painter IX.5 & Corel Paint Shop Pro X2…

The Carolers

The Naughty Elf

A rough “pencil” sketch I created in Art Rage 2.5 was imported into Corel Painter IX.5, blocked in and refined…

I’m starting to love the “sketching pencil” in Art rage 2.5… I find it easier recreates the real world pencil experience….

The Naughty Elf

Merry Christmas

Here’s a few Christmas images I’ve recently created….

Merry Christmas 2009

I modeled & textured the houses in Google Sketchup. I used Vue Pro Studio 8 to render the houses and the sky. The fence and gate are stock Vue models.. The render was then brought into Corel Painter IX.5 where I drew the walking man, snowman, hockey stick, Christmas tree, snow, rain gutter pipes…

Merry Christmas 2009

Waiting For Santa

Created in Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 & Corel Painter IX.5…

Waiting For Santa

The Final Touch

The snowman I modeled in Wings3D. The snowman was imported into Vue Pro Studio where I created the trees & landscape, textured the snowman and rendered the objects… The image was then brought into Corel Painter IX.5 where I drew & painted the girl, dog and added detail… Image was resized and color adjusted in Corel Paint Shop Pro X2…

Final Touch