The Dragon

A fantasy dragon illustration inspired by the idle times of my youth spent reading fantasy novels of Robert E Hoaward and comic books illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith based upon Howard’s works and characters.

Rendered in Poser Pro 11.1 with postwork in Photoshop CC 2018, Filter Forge 7 & Topaz Studio Impression 2.0.


A Castle in Monotone

My interpretation of a fantasy castle, influenced by the literary works of Robert E Howard and the art of Barry Windsor-Smith.

I modeled the castle in the 3D modeling application Groboto 3D 3.5. Further detailing was done using Photoshop CC 2018, Topaz Studio Impression, Filter Forge 7 & ArtRage 5.0.

Fantasy Images

A few digital illustrations I recently created which were inspired by my love of fantasy, sword & socrery fiction such as the works of Robert E Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, King Kull & Solomon Kane. And comic book artist Barry Windsor-Smith. No other artist drew Conan better then Barry Windsor-Smith.

Perhaps Frank Frazetta but his works were paintings and not comic book art.

The Sorceress Mage

Female Pike Guard – Warrior

War Beast – A massive and very powerful melee fighter.

Hot Rod Sedan

Digital illustration created using a free 3D model from, Sketchup, Photoshop, Corel Painter and ArtRage. Going for a comic book, sketchy type of style…

Cross Eyed Frank

Digitally sketched and painted in ArtRage 4.02 and my Wacom tablet…Frank

Hillbilly Bob

A cartoon doodle that I created and used as the door decal on my Hillbilly Hauler hot rod image…
Hillbilly Bob

Sketched and painted using my Wacom tablet and ArtRage 4.0…

Flying Saucers Attack Teenage Hot Rodders….

Digitally sketched and painted with my Wacom tablet and ArtRage 4.0…

In this image I combine my love of early American hot rods with my fascination with flying saucers and science fiction…



Created using Groboto 3.3 & ArtRage 4…

I got a e-mail a few weeks ago informing me MSN had a new technology show and they were interested in using my Robot illustration in one of their episodes…

Here’s the MSN Nerdcore broadcast using my Robot on the wall …. to the left of hostess Blair Butler….

Various Fantasy Artists and Comic Book Illustrators bios

Here’s an interesting link I chanced upon with the bios of various fantasy artists (ie: Frank Frazetta, Howard Pyle, Arthur Rackham, etc) and comic book illustrators (Jack Kirby, Moebius, Alex Toth, etc)…

Link to illustratrators….

Avenging Angel – on-line comic

Avenging Angel is an on-line comic by Renderosity member estherau… It’s worth checking out….

Avenging Angel on-line comic

estherau’s Renderosity gallery