Fantasy Images

A few digital illustrations I recently created which were inspired by my love of fantasy, sword & socrery fiction such as the works of Robert E Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, King Kull & Solomon Kane. And comic book artist Barry Windsor-Smith. No other artist drew Conan better then Barry Windsor-Smith.

Perhaps Frank Frazetta but his works were paintings and not comic book art.

The Sorceress Mage

Female Pike Guard – Warrior

War Beast – A massive and very powerful melee fighter.

Airship Over Future City

A steam powered airship flies over a distant, future city in dystopian world. I modeled the airship in Hexagon3D & Groboto. The buildings are the dystopian city blocks from Cornucopia3D. Scene was rendered in Vue Complete 2015 using the NPR settings. With details and adjustments made in Photoshop CC 2015 & ArtRage 4.5.27047993866_564dbf9fe4_b

1936 Buick “lowrider”

1936 Buick built to be a low rider.
The image was render in Vue Complete using the NPR (non photorealisitic render) settings. The car is a free model from 3DWarehouse and the buildings are the Dystopia buildings for Vue.


Available as a print or poster at FineArtAmerica



Lady on a Bridge


Another digital illustration I created set in Victorian England.

A lady walks on the bridge while below a boatman crosses the river. Above in the sky a hawk looks for a place to land among the tress while seagulls gather in flight above the castle. In the distance a ship sails.

Rendered in Vue Complete 2014 with postwork in ArtRage 4.0 & Photoshop Elements 11/Topaz Adjust 5.0…

Since this render I’ve upgraded to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5.6 via Adobe Cloud. And loving the cloud experience…

A Game of Tag

A Game of Tag

A 1960’s Mini Cooper tries to overtake a 1963 Corvette Sting Ray on a twisty country road as a pair of chipmunks look on.

A 3D render using Vue Complete 2014 with postwork using Artrage 4.0, Photoshop Elements 11 & Topaz Adjust 5.0…

The Forest Scene and Corvette are from Cornucopia3D. The Mini is a free item from the web…

Surfer’s Paradise


I modeled the truck in Hexagon 2.5. The tiki head is from DAZ3D and the surfboard from Cornucopia3D. Starfish and seashell are Vue items. The gulls, birds and seafoam were painted in using ArtRage 4.0. The background mound was modeled in Vue using primitives and metablobs. Rendered in Vue Complete 2014.

Color correction was done using Photoshop Elements ver 11 and Topaz Adjust ver 5.0…

Late Visit to Grandma’s

Late evening on Christmas Eve a young boy and his companion deliver the family gifts for his grandparents.

His cousins already at grandmother’s show grandpa the snowman they created.

In the distance the locals gather at the church for an evening of Christmas Eve mass…

Late Visit to Grandma's

Rendered in Vue Complete 2014 which is a pure joy to use. The boy and dog were posed in DAZ Studio Pro and exported to Vue. I modeled the bridge and road in Hexagon 2.5. The buildings are from Google Warehouse. The red cardinal is a freebie from Lyne’s Creations. All distant people are Chipp Walter’s meta peps. Cars are from Cornucopia3D and Google Warehouse.

A print or poster of this image is available at Redbubble

Woodland Huntsman

Woodland Huntsman

I call this illustration “Woodland Huntsman”… This image was influenced by my fondness of fantasy novels and my great appreciation of the Dutch landscape painters of the 17th century…

Hoping someone gives my the dvd “Dutch Light” for Christmas… or my birthday…

Rendered in Vue Complete 11.5 with post processing using Photoshop Elements 11, Topaz Adjust & FotoSketcher. Deer, birds and hunter were posed in DAZ Studio and exported to Vue.

Dog Days


The Hillbilly Hauler is based on a free pickup body from Scratched Made Cars ( & engine from 3D Warehouse. I modeled the tires, rims, frame, grille in Hexagon & Groboto. The barn is by Gary Miller from Cornucopia3D, mail box from 3D Warehouse, Dogs are free items..

Rendered in Vue Complete with postwork in Photoshop Elements and Artrage 4.0…

Country Chase


A 1957 Dodge Lancer police cruiser chases a young hot rodder through the country side in the late 1950’s. A wilderness hare is startled by the noise and watches carefully before journeying onto the asphalt…

Rendered in Vue Complete ver 11 with postwork in ArtRage 4.0 and Photoshop Elements 10… Car models are free items from Google Warehouse. Animals are from DAZ3D, the drive was sketched in ArtRage. Barn and windmill are from Cornucopia3D. I modeled the farmhouse and road in Hexagon3D and Wings3D…