Gunship 3D model

A heavy artillery spaceship. I designed the spaceship and modeled in various 3D modeling apps (Groboto3D, Hexaton3D, Wings3D, Silo3D and textured in 3DCoat.
With processing in Adobe Photoshop 2017 and Corel Painter 2017 to give the image a comic book type of illustration.


Image is available as print, poster, framed wall image and various other products at my FineArtAmerica gallery


Airship Over Future City

A steam powered airship flies over a distant, future city in dystopian world. I modeled the airship in Hexagon3D & Groboto. The buildings are the dystopian city blocks from Cornucopia3D. Scene was rendered in Vue Complete 2015 using the NPR settings. With details and adjustments made in Photoshop CC 2015 & ArtRage 4.5.27047993866_564dbf9fe4_b

1936 Buick “lowrider”

1936 Buick built to be a low rider.
The image was render in Vue Complete using the NPR (non photorealisitic render) settings. The car is a free model from 3DWarehouse and the buildings are the Dystopia buildings for Vue.


Available as a print or poster at FineArtAmerica



Grobo Car update


In this illustration I placed the Grobo Car in an environment influenced by the South Western USA like the desert of Arizona and the salt bed lakes of Utah.



The Sentinel


I did this illustration more as a test of combining 3D elements into a 2D painting.
The sentinel and castle are 3D elements I rendered in DAZ3D Studio. Rest of the image I sketched and painted in Artrage 4.0.
I also used ArtRage to compose the 3D & 2D elements together into a single image…

Lonely Mr Bug

“Mr Bug” is a 3D model I created using Groboto 3D ver 3.5. An untextured render of Mr Bug was brought into Artrage where I colorized the critter and than hand painted the background using ArtRage 4.0 and my trusty Wacom Intuos tablet…

I created this as a type of illustration that would be used in a children’s book…


Here is the base mesh I modeled in Groboto…



Woodland Huntsman

Woodland Huntsman

I call this illustration “Woodland Huntsman”… This image was influenced by my fondness of fantasy novels and my great appreciation of the Dutch landscape painters of the 17th century…

Hoping someone gives my the dvd “Dutch Light” for Christmas… or my birthday…

Rendered in Vue Complete 11.5 with post processing using Photoshop Elements 11, Topaz Adjust & FotoSketcher. Deer, birds and hunter were posed in DAZ Studio and exported to Vue.

Noise in the Night (2013)

This is a retouching of an earlier image I painted a few years ago…Noise in the Night

Cross Eyed Frank

Digitally sketched and painted in ArtRage 4.02 and my Wacom tablet…Frank

Flying Saucers Attack Teenage Hot Rodders….

Digitally sketched and painted with my Wacom tablet and ArtRage 4.0…

In this image I combine my love of early American hot rods with my fascination with flying saucers and science fiction…

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