Digital Art Tutorials

Digital Art Websites & Forums
ImagineFX Magazine – simply the best digital arts magazine sold! Highly recommend purchasing…– for customizing and modding digital cars
Red Bubble – free membership, you can sell your digital creations here….
Renderosity – one of the best graphics sites on the web & super friendly, free membership, lots of freebies and tutorials…

Digital painting tutorials…
Me and Louie’s Sister – A Step by Step Tutorial
Deadly Mistress
Painting a Landscape
Matte Painting Tutorials by Skjoldbroder
Alex Ruiz – Painting Invasion

How to Paint Eyes
tutorial #1
tutorial #2 (more photo manipulation of eyes)
tutorial #3 (cartoony eyes)
tutorial #4 (how to color eyes)
tutorial #5 (painting fantasy eyes)
tutorial #6 (how to change eye color)

How to Paint Hair
tutorial #1

How to Paint Clothes
tutorial #1
tutorial #2

How to Paint Clouds
tutorial #1
tutorial #2
tutorial #3

Creating Planets and Outerspace Scenes
Make a planet

Coloring Line Art
tutorial #1 – coloring a face
tutorial #2 – rendering a car

Illustrating with photo manipulation
Creating a Cyborg from Catherine Zeta-Jones
Hayes Island Cafe

CG Society Articles
CG Society Articles

Digital Art Magazine
Digital Art Mag

Other Photoshop tutorials
3D Fishtank in Photoshop
3D Octopua
3D Spider
Displacement Maps
Misc Photoshop Tutorials
Tutorials & Walkthroughs

Chip Springer’s Photoshop actions

Free Stock Photos and Textures
CG Textures
Stock Xchng

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