My Favorite Artists

Artists Websites

Frank Frazetta – my all time favorite

Kerem Beyit

The Official John Buscema Website

James Gurney – creator of Dinotopia
His blog
His website
How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist

Barry Windsor Smith – my second all time favorite

Dylan Cole – movie & film matte painter

Dragos Jieanu – 3D Max & Photoshop artist

Jerry Lofaro – amazing airbush and digital artist

Aimee Stewart – art & photography

Martin McKenna – fantasy, horror artist

Martin Lisec – talented 2D & 3D arrtist

Nate Owens – painting gallery

Nate Owens – 3D & Photoshop gallery

Nick Harris

Phil McDarby

Andy Simmons – aka Hobbit on Renderosity -very talented 2D & 3D artist

Luca Tarlazzi – Italian comic/fantasy illustrator

Keith Thompson

Justin Coro Kaufman

Dominic Davison – talented Vue artist

Jack Kirby Websites
Jack Kirby Universe

Jack Kirby Info

Jack Kirby Faq

Jack Kirby bio

Other artists I like and admire…

Chris Bennett – great Photoshop surreal/fantasy artist

Afternoon Flight

Afternoon Flight

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