The Scolding


Another one of my 3D / 2D digital illustrations….I did this over Christmas, completing in the New Year…

I titled it “The Scolding” or when a Dog’s Gotta Go, It’s Gotta Go!!!

In the tenement living area of a large urban city some where in North America of the 1950s,
a youth is scolding his dog for urinating on a fire hydrant. His female companion looks on in disbelief,
and a local cat hisses displeasure at the incident.


Sunset Play

I titled this digital illustration “Sunset Play”, the setting is 100 or so years ago in Holland. A little boy attempts to befriend a bird while a girl sits in the company of her cat enjoying the evening sunset…

Software used Vue Complete 2014, DAZ Studio 3D, Photoshop Elements 11, Topaz Adjust 5 & ArtRage 4.0


The Sentinel


I did this illustration more as a test of combining 3D elements into a 2D painting.
The sentinel and castle are 3D elements I rendered in DAZ3D Studio. Rest of the image I sketched and painted in Artrage 4.0.
I also used ArtRage to compose the 3D & 2D elements together into a single image…

A Stroll in the English Countryside


In Victorian England a couple take a stroll in the English countryside.

All characters where posed in DAZ and exported as objs. The church and horse & carriage are from Google Warehouse, the near trees are free from XFrog, I modelled the road & bridge in Hexagon.

Rendered in Vue Complete 2014 with post work in Photoshop Elements 11, Topaz Adjust 5 & ArtRage 4.0…

Cafe by the Sea….

Mediterranean of my mind, a place where the seekers, dreamers, lovers and loners converge and spend idle time dreaming of their past sins or thinking about future accomplishments….

A digital illustration based on a 3D render and some digital painting techniques. Software used Vue Complete 2014, DAZ3D Studio, Photoshop Elements 11, ArtRage 4…CafeBytheSea

Steam Plant Engine

I modeled this “steam plant engine” using 3D apps Hexagon3D ver 2.5 & Groboto3D ver 3.0…Steam Plant Engine

Surfer’s Paradise


I modeled the truck in Hexagon 2.5. The tiki head is from DAZ3D and the surfboard from Cornucopia3D. Starfish and seashell are Vue items. The gulls, birds and seafoam were painted in using ArtRage 4.0. The background mound was modeled in Vue using primitives and metablobs. Rendered in Vue Complete 2014.

Color correction was done using Photoshop Elements ver 11 and Topaz Adjust ver 5.0…

3D model I made, inspired by a 1950’s Panel Truck

I modeled the following panel truck hot rod in Hexagon3D version 2.5. Hex is still a little buggy as there has not been any updates to this software in a few years. But it is still my favorite 3D modeling app…1950's Panel Truck

It is powered by a blown flat head V8 which was also modeled in Hexagon3D ver 2.5…

Late Visit to Grandma’s

Late evening on Christmas Eve a young boy and his companion deliver the family gifts for his grandparents.

His cousins already at grandmother’s show grandpa the snowman they created.

In the distance the locals gather at the church for an evening of Christmas Eve mass…

Late Visit to Grandma's

Rendered in Vue Complete 2014 which is a pure joy to use. The boy and dog were posed in DAZ Studio Pro and exported to Vue. I modeled the bridge and road in Hexagon 2.5. The buildings are from Google Warehouse. The red cardinal is a freebie from Lyne’s Creations. All distant people are Chipp Walter’s meta peps. Cars are from Cornucopia3D and Google Warehouse.

A print or poster of this image is available at Redbubble

Christmas Window Shopping – a cropped version

Here’s a cropped version the prior post of my image “Christmas Window Shopping”


A print of the uncropped image can be purchased at Red Bubble….

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